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Nature Tripping: Eifel National Park, Germany

I was sad to part with my friend Anne and her wonderful family. Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest have really left a great impression on me, but the urge for adventure forced me to move on, to discover new cities and meet new people. From Vienna, I caught the overnight train to the northwest of Germany, to Cologne. As Cologne is just over 800 km away from Vienna, it required ten-hour journey on a ni...

Santorini: A Dream Come True Moment

From Athens, I continued on my Greek adventure to Santorini. My trip began at 7 am from the Port of Piraeus where I took a ferry ride to Santorini for 37.50 Euro. Taking a ferry is not a waste of time for me, aside from looking at the sea there is a lot of entertainment inside. Although it took a hefty eight hours, we got to stop off at the four beautiful islands of Syros, Paros, Naxos and Ios. Th...

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Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20’s

Hola! Celebrate a successful completion of your hard-earned degree. Young adults are the most avid travelers. They’re more curious about the world and very eager to explore new places and experience the best that life has to offer. Most people I know in their 20’s are busy building their future, owning their dream house and having their dream car, while some are happy owning the latest gadgets. Ye...

YOLO-ing Bizarre Foods in Southeast Asia

I’ve recently been to Bangkok and Cambodia. It was the most fun and memorable trip I’ve ever had. I ate food that I never thought I would ever eat in my entire life. It’s been a great experience. Hopefully you too will get to taste all of the exotic foods I’ve tried. My first bit of advice is to never miss out on street food. This is where all the excitement is. You’ll be served good f...

Flash Packing Kuala Lumpur

With only 12 hours to spare, I got to work exploring this incredible city. From natural sites to manmade wonders, I found that it’s possible to experience this city in less than one twenty-four hours. As a corporate worker, I don’t always have the time but I always find a way. Check out how I made it through in this famous city on a very short period of time.

3-day Bangkok and a Bonus Trip to Ayutthaya

As a corporate worker, I don’t always get a lot of time to travel. So, when I got a three-day off, Bangkok was the very first place that popped in my mind. It’s going to be a big leap, initially considering the cost it entails. I just know that nothing is ever more than rightful to treat oneself every once in a while. The seemingly constraints as having a limited time and budget only became a bear...

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