“A nurse with no update is a dangerous nurse. We must not look at this CPD units as a burden instead an opportunity to learn new things,” said BON Dr. Glenda S. Arquiza.


The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has started to put a restriction on renewal by adding Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a mandatory requirement, otherwise known as the CPD Law of 2016. Starting July 1, 2017, all professionals (except Teachers and Nurses) are required to present earned CPD units before the renewal of Professional Identification Cards. For nurses, compliance to CPD law will start on January 1, 2018.
Like what is going on? Should they help first the unemployed professionals? Nurses in the Philippines right now are stuck in low-income jobs or even jobless. What about the OFWs and us non-practicing nurse? PRC is making it hard to renew our license. Why? Money.
Back in college, I hit the books to ace the periodic exams. For four years, I had passed every return demonstration. I remember my mom had to pawn her properties just to pay my tuition fees. My father had swallowed his pride to spare me money for my graduation ceremony. I was so helpless when I graduated, I’m financially broke. I had no income to prepare for board exam. While my friends paid 18k-21k to enroll in a review center, I was self-studying. My struggles paid off when I passed the board and got that PRC license. It was a dream come true moment.
But the expenditures never stop, I couldn’t land a job. I had to pay 6k – 12k pesos for training and 500 – 1500 for every seminar. I had to pay the hospitals to allow work voluntarily. Enough, I ended up working outside the country (not as a nurse though).
PRC had no idea what I have gone through to get the license and I feel like they are taking it away from me as if I do not deserve it. I have nothing against continuing education and professional development. In fact, it is necessary. The problem, it is not accessible to many like those working abroad and underprivileged. Like me, I couldn’t practice my profession because of the lack of job opportunities back home that lead me to work overseas. There’s no access to CPD accredited seminars and training. Life abroad is difficult unless they should provide online seminars free of charge.
According to CPD ruling, all seminars, training and event have to be registered to PRC. A certain body needs to pay 1k – 8k pesos for every application for accreditation to give CPD points. Let’s do the math. The CPD providers (likely Professors, Hospitals, Philippines Nurses Association or PNA, etc) will then charge the registered nurse from 500 pesos up to 12k for every seminar, training or event. Example, PNA conducts a seminar (applied accreditation to PRC for 5k pesos). PNA gives three units equivalent to attendees. Nurses pay 1k to earn three points out 45 units required. You need to earn 45 units as required so you have to participate multiple times. Once renewed, repeat after 3 years again. Imagine how much they are making and I’m talking about Nurses alone, how about teachers, doctors, engineers etc. So in the end, PRC and CPD providers are earning for this.


Again, what made me pissed off when the member of Board of Nursing (BON) Dr. Glenda S. Arquiza announced that they would require 60 units, more than the required 45 units by PRC. Like what the?
“A nurse with no update is a dangerous nurse. We must not look at this CPD units as a burden instead an opportunity to learn new things,” said Arquiza.
Me, dangerous? Look who’s talking? Dear, we will be spending a lot of money for this.
I still hope PRC finds another solution without making business. Help the unemployed professionals first before jumping to this. Your thoughts?



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