Are you (still) single? If so, time to take a spur-of-the-moment trip with the most important person in your life — YOURSELF! Yes, appreciate the life you live now, take a moment to honor your freedom and fling before your next relationship. Now is the best time to do what you want without running into your partner, boss, exes, clients and other undesirable people. You are pretty free. Sure, not everyone gets it. However, for some of us, singleness is best expressed through celebration. Traveling to Miami Beach is one of the best ways to celebrate single life. Cheers!

South Beach Miami

If you’re single you are free af. Take time to walk around South Beach Miami.

I’m a millennial, sociable, I love the beach with palm trees, I like to party and I’m single. Nope, I am not lonely and desperate. My interest includes finding cool things to do and food trips. I had a trip to the USA and visited one of my dream places, Miami. Arriving in Miami Beach was like stepping on set for a movie. I can’t imagine my favorite movie “2 Fast 2 Furious” was shot here not to mention “Ride Along 2” and “Miami Vice”. Coming from a tropical country it feels good to be back in a warm paradise. I loved everything about Miami Beach, it was so much better than expected.

There are simply no words to define how much fun it can be on your own. Forget social media post about your friends getting married. Don’t fall for the trend that everyone is paired off, most couple just goes out for the sake of it. Soon as I arrived in South Beach, I instantly gained friends in the hostel. Surprisingly, they were all single. I was like “hooking up needs to happen right here and right now”. But nah, I actually spent a lot of time with them as a group and made a good relation.

SoBe Hostel welcomed me with icy cocktails then headed rooftop bar socializing with newfound friends. All of us has an exciting story to tell as we have a common denominator that is the love of traveling the world. The sun was still up but we were already feeling the vibes. Believe me, the beauty of South Beach doesn’t get less during the day. We then decided to hit the pristine white beach. Miami has its reputation of sunny weather, crystal-clear water, rich culture and craziest nightlife therfore it is every traveler’s hottest destination. While lying on the beach, I was staring at those sexy Latinas in their two-piece bikini, born-rich kids making a sand castle, topless guys flaunting their buff body and some Chinese tourists seemed to be having fun and so relax. Ah good life! I was like, “I can live here forever”.

When the sun goes down, it’s party time in South Beach. Neon lights were flashing everywhere, a sign that it is going to be an awesome night. I was really looking forward to the nightly excursion. When you are in South Beach there is no way you’re going to miss Ocean Drive. It is a long road full of amazing vintage structures and party places. I was with my squad and we decided to check out what Miami nightlife has to offer. Every night hostel organizers take guests out to different big clubs and popular bars. We paid $15 only and they handed us the wristband. We all picked up by a party bus and headed for a pub-crawl. Imagine this event was participated by diverse people ready to party, chill and make the best memories.

Clubs welcomed us with overflowing drinks, confetti, a huge crowd and an eargasmic sound system. House music is my kind and we were all into it. So we were dancing like there’s no tomorrow. We then transferred to another club which has a different scene. I saw strip dancers and some pole dancers. If you’re a little bit conservative then this may not be your scene.  At this point, we’re pretty drunk. I’m getting playful as well as flirty as I get more and more drunk. A conversation started with a random person. All I remembered was I enjoyed the night. I forgot whom I flirted with until we went out the club and took an Uber to a luxury hotel.

Fast forward, I woke up on the 18th floor of a 5-star hotel overlooking the stretch of South Beach. But that’s another story for another day… if you’re interested. As they say, what happens in Miami stays in Miami.

Woke up with this Overlooking view of Miami Beach

Woke up with this Overlooking view of Miami Beach

Hence, Miami trip won’t be completed if you don’t visit clothing-optional Haulover Beach. Visiting a nude beach had been on my bucket list for so many years. It was awkward. I have never seen myself naked in front of naked people. Nevertheless, it was so liberating to spend a day having a conversation with unique people over a beer.

Clothing-optional Haulover Beach

Clothing-optional Haulover Beach, Miami Beach

Another night has come we went food tripping. South Beach neighborhood has the best restaurants and kiosks that will surely love by food trippers like me. My favorite was Cuban delicacies. There’s this shredded beef dish and lechon asado were my favorites.

There’s no better place to have a good conversation under the moonlight but by the beach. Technically, the beach closes 12 AM to 5 AM. We thought of doing something we won’t forget. So we trespassed, grabbed some beers and had a drinking session (please don’t try it). We decided to do skinny-dipping in the dark since we were tipsy. The police came and immediately held us for questioning. However, they just released us instead of detaining.  We had so much fun and it was the craziest idea.

I’m not saying you have to visit Miami or do what I did to celebrate being single. I’m not a love guru but I mean go to faraway destinations like you can’t imagine going into. Travel to a place that has filled with fun, thrill,  and adventure. Trust me, there’s nothing wrong dating cute European guys or girls in Paris. You might as well flirt with sexy Latinas or hot chicos in South America. Finding love can be an adventurous story to tell. In addition, before going into relationship you find out who you are first. Travel is one of the best ways to discover who you are. Don’t feel pressured because many couples aren’t happy and they always question what else is out there.  Embrace and enjoy being single.



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