Are you going through tough times? If you’re in the 20’s to 30’s age range, then you are experiencing a quarter life crisis. As I write this post, I remember that night. It happened to me at 23. I found myself stuck in the middle of the woods. Cold. Alone. I have been hiking for hours and my phone was dead. Clouds seemed to get darker and suddenly felt the first raindrops. I attempted to backtrack looking for familiar landmarks but I was going around in circles. There was no sign, I figured out I was lost into the woods. I was already having panic attack and I knew I am going to be miserable. I feel trapped in this bad life situation. If only the mountain moves for my own sake. I must move through it. I told myself, “I have to do something to get out of this”.

That moment was an eye-opener. I realized that I was living in an autopilot mode. The struggle was real coping with anxieties about life, jobs and relationships. I took Nursing and I had no clue what I wanted from life after graduated college. I’d jumped from mediocre job to mediocre job. I studied culinary arts to join the rat race, not realizing my biggest roadblock was chasing a career I thought I wanted. My friends were working in higher-paid industries so I embraced the corporate world that kinda sucks. Working felt like a chore to me then. Hanging out with friends on a weekend doesn’t excite me anymore. I was confused in life, shouldn’t have given up on my last career, or if I’ll ever be happy with any career. Still, I had no clue what I wanted to be, sure wasn’t this.

I turned 24, exactly the same day when my father died.
Things began to get worse. My life seemed upside down. I was experiencing a serious low point in my life. I never knew I had a “quarter-life crisis”. Many young adults have experienced this. It sucks! Trust me, the pain is entirely your pain, no one else. I’d woken up questioning myself, what the heck do I do with my life? What’s next? Am I actually happy? I don’t know.

There I was torn between fixing myself, pursuing the right career and chasing my dream. I was broke but guess what? Fu*k yeah, I’m going to pack my bag and travel the world. Few months later, I booked a one-way ticket to Singapore and bid farewell to the life I once knew. When the plane took off, it felt like it’s now or never. For the first time, all the bad thoughts disappeared. There I was, staring at my future and I knew there’s no turning back. The career, time also the place I had just didn’t fit me. I had finally given myself a permission to move on.

I enjoyed my first solo trip exploring the wealthy city of Singapore. You are right, traveling alone was exciting. Then, I navigated my new life in 
Kuwait, as I was eager to discover more about Arab cultures. Since moving to Kuwait, I started making friends and decided to live my life here. I found a decent job that allows me to feed my passion in exploring new places.

Food trip skewered scorpion in Bangkok, Thailand

Suffering quarter life crisis? Consider to travel the world but first to Bangkok, Thailand and try exotic street foods.


I distracted myself booking cheap trips and planning for big adventures. When I’m off visiting new places I felt my best. I traveled Southeast Asia with my backpack. I have discovered not just the ”wonders of the world” but who I really am.  Witnessing the majestic sunrise in Ankor Wat, Cambodia, I knew I am meant to do something great. I visited Turkey and was able to meet fellow travelers and glad to hear their stories. I discovered that I find joy eating exotic street food in


Witnessing the majestic sunrise in Ankor Wat, Cambodia, I knew I am meant to do something great. I visited Turkey and was able to meet fellow travelers and glad to hear their stories. I discovered that I find joy eating exotic foods in Thailand not to mention full moon parties were a lot of fun. I’ve learned to appreciate small things after being robbed in Amsterdam. Wow! There was no regret after I got wasted and fucked up. Then, I took short trips to gulf countries on a long weekend. I never thought I made my dreams becoming reality while visiting 13 of my favorite countries in Europe alone in 40 days. I mean, who would have thought?. It happened so fast and I had the best trip. It never stop there, I had also fulfilled my “American Dream”. Yeah, I have landed the big apple celebrating my 28th.

You might now have an idea how I got out of the woods when I was stuck. There was no choice but to deal with it. I simply followed my intuition. I knew every step I make was a conscious choice. The birds along the way were free-spirited but never get lost. I found my purpose in life and tirelessly worked to finish the trek. Nonetheless, I savored the unpredictable and exciting journey. It was a big relief.


I am finally living my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still working my ass off to support my family back home but I make I take a break whenever possible. To be honest, social media freaks me out every time a wedding or newborn baby posts from my friends pop up through my feeds. Hell, I care (lol). Well, I am totally happy as f*ck even if I may not have a dream career. Like, you know there are things in life that can give you more happiness and I mean genuine happiness.

Therefore, traveling was the best thing I ever did for myself. It was a life changing moment. It made me a better version of myself. There’s no denying that it teaches me a lot of lessons in life. I’m not advocating that traveling will cure your “quarter-life crisis” but it worked for me. Deal with it if you’re trapped in a rut as well as feeling a little lost. Go find the way out with your intuition.

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