Kayaking with Mom in Malipano Island, Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Kayaking with Mom in Malipano Island, Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Every year, my mom and I take a bonding trip together to explore the Philippines and soon Southeast Asia. I believe that the best experiences in life come from traveling. Since she lives in Kuwait as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) that’s thousand miles away from me, we make sure to spend quality time together.  Mom and Dad were no longer together so my Mom had to live overseas in order to provide everything for the family. We both love traveling and it ‘s the best activity that strengthens our relationship. She does the planning from the flight to our hotel accommodation. I’ve been doing great in school this year so she surprised me with a trip to a famous beach resort in Davao City.

Last April 16, 2016, we visited Pearl Farm Beach resort, a 5-star island hotel surrounded with crystal clear water. It was our first time together in a luxury resort. We took a boat ride from Davao City to Island Garden City of Samal about 15 minutes. As soon as we arrived at the port, we were welcomed by the staff with a refreshing drink and cultural dance. They were so accommodating. It was scorching hot but you won’t mind that anyway because the view is breathtaking.

7 Reason Why you Need to Travel with Mom Now

Pearl Farm is known for its native-inspired houses built on stilts. Our room was aesthetic and clean, I can probably stay there for the rest of the day. From the window, watching the large waves pass by was so serene. We walked around the resort while having a good conversation. We missed each other so we didn’t waste time to enjoy each other’s company. The night has come and I was excited to try local cuisine. The Maranao Restaurant offered an open buffet and we got served with scrumptious foods. The sea foods were great and it’s really fresh from the catch. I cannot deny that it was the best restaurant I have been. My mom forgot about her diet and really enjoyed the food. Not only that, we were also entertained by local entertainers with their traditional dance. Before we ended our night, we got ourselves a full body massage. I can’t explain the feeling but it was so relaxing a little pricey though, but it’s all worth it.

The Picturesque Gazebo of Pearl Farm Resort

Traveling with Mom in the Picturesque Gazebo of Pearl Farm Resort

Waking up in the morning to the view was so peaceful. We took breakfast and they had the best and freshest fruit selection in the Philippines. After feeding our belly, we immediately swam in their picturesque infinity pool. We also got to explore the serenity of Malipano Island as part of the package, a few minutes boat ride from the resort which goes back and forth regularly for free. There were so many water activities to do like snorkeling, jet skiing, boating and island hopping while still enjoying the luxury of privacy. We didn’t miss to try kayaking and we had so much fun.

My experience was tickled pink. Traveling with mom was the best thing happened and I couldn’t ask for more. While we were watching the sunset, I realized how mom sacrifices being away from me to give us a good life. Having this kind of bonding strengthens our relationship. She is my hero and will always be. Our Pearl Farm experience was great that I would cherish for life. The trip is more than just enjoying the scenery. It also strengthens our relationship and creates lasting memories. My mom has given me everything and couldn’t  ask for more. I hope one day she’ll be back home for good. I study hard to make her proud.  Now we are set for new adventure. We will be exploring Southeast Asia and I can’t wait to share it with you.



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