How far can your Philippine passport go without a visa?

This article aims to share with you the countries where Filipinos can enjoy visiting without applying for a visa. I know how hard it is to get a visa particularly from the USA, Canada, and Europe etc. Like you, I hate interviews with the consulate. I hate going through difficulties to get a visa. I have experienced getting refused to get Schengen visa before and most of my friends have been denied at one point or another. Thankfully, Filipinos can take advantage and travel in several countries around the world.

According to an immigration and citizenship firm based in London, Henley & Partners, Filipino citizens can enjoy visa-free access to 61 out of 281 countries. For 11 years, the firm has published the Visa Restrictions Index ranking countries in terms of the number of nations their citizens can access with just a passport and no visa. Philippine passport is not bad at all as it holds the 76th spot along with Cape Verde among 199 countries. Germany, on the other hand, rejoices on top as its citizens can travel unrestricted to 177 countries.

Indeed we are all proud being a Filipino. I want all of you to travel and make use of your passports! I want you to see beautiful places, taste delicious exotic foods and experience the thrill to these visa-free countries.

Enjoy visa-free countries in souteast Asia.

Enjoy visa-free countries in souteast Asia.

  1. ASEAN countries

These are Asian countries closest to the Philippines. They may share the same topography and climate like ours but their ancient ruins have a different history to tell. Besides, why not enjoy their food and shop along the way when visiting is visa free.

The ASEAN countries and their maximum allowable stay are as follows:

  1. Rest of Asia

Asian countries play a pivotal role in all of the world’s history. It has been the cradle of ancient civilization, a key merchant partner, a mysterious place for conquest of the Western culture.

The rise, fall and continued progress of the countries in Asia all bring a different flavor, a different version of stories all set against awe inspiring natural landscapes and amazing manmade architecture.

Asian countries that are visa free on this list are:

  • Hong Kong (14)
  • Shenzhen, China (7) if coming from Hong Kong
  • Israel (90)
  • Macau (30)
  • Myanmar (21)
  • Mongolia (21)
  • Jeju Island, Korea (30)
  • Rest of Korea (30) visa-free for your fifth visit (all other four visits should have a visa)

Countries to issue a visa to you upon your arrival:

  • Armenia (120)
  • Kyrgyzstan (30)
  • Laos (21)
  • Maldives (30)
  • Nepal (21)
  • Tajikistan (45)
  • East Timor/ Timor-Leste (30) visa issued at Dili airport and seaport

Electronic visas:

  • India (30)
  • Iran (15)
  • Sri Lanka (30)

Taiwan is also open for Filipinos holding resident certificate or valid visas in any of the countries like “Australia, Canada Japan, New Zealand, Schengen countries, United Kingdom or the United States”

  1. Africa

When you hear Africa its automatic to think of a safari. If you plan to have a great outdoors adventure on your next travel, this continent is for you to explore.

See wild animals, be inspired by magnificent environments and meet new people in any of these visa-free African countries:

  • Cape Verde Islands (21)
  • Comoros (21)
  • Morocco (90)
  • Rwanda (90)

Other places will issue a visa the moment you set foot on the airport

  • Djibouti (30)
  • Guinea-Bissau (90)
  • Kenya (90)
  • Madagascar (90)
  • Mauritania
  • Mozambique (30)
  • Saint Helena
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda (90) at the Entebbe Airport
  • Zambia (90)

Some countries need additional requirements:

  • Gambia- travelers need to get clearance from immigration
  • Seychelles (30) present proof of funds and accommodation
  • Senegal (30), by invitation, online visa
  • Somalia (30) by invitation, submit 2 days before arrival
  • Tongo (7), yellow fever vaccine
  1. Central America

Want to see the Mayan ruins or compare the beach of the Atlantic and the Pacific? Then come to Central America.

Yes, Philippine passport holders are welcomed here upon arrival as in Costa Rica (30) and Nicaragua (90)

You want to go visa-free? Fly to Guatemala where the “core of the Maya civilization” once was.

  1. Caribbean

Caribbean brings to mind a tropical paradise complete with white sand, pristine blue waters, gentle breeze and maybe some Jamaican music playing in the background.

Filipinos can enjoy the party here as much as in Boracay and hop on the islands of:

  • Anguilla (21)
  • Dominica (21)
  • Haiti (21)
  • Turks and Caicos Island (21)

All these islands are visa free for you to enjoy. You can also visit Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (30) and get a visa upon arrival.

  1. Europe

Who does not want to visit the tiny continent of Europe? It has such a long history that intertwine with ours and beautiful places to see as well.

Right now, there are only two countries we can visit without applying for a visa, but hopefully, many more will be open for us in the future.

For a taste of Europe, check out:

  • Georgia, upon arrival. With invitation preferred.
  • Kosovo (90)
  1. Oceana/ Pacific Island Nations

The Caribbean is not the only place to enjoy the islands and its beaches. Glance down below your map and there are several other visa free islands doting the Pacific Ocean:

  • Cook Islands (31)
  • Micronesia (30)
  • Nauru (30)
  • Niue (30)
  • Vanuatu (30)

More islands to hop on with visa issued upon your arrival:

  • Fiji (120)
  • Marshall Islands (90)
  • Northern Marianas
  • Palau (30)
  • Papua New Guinea (60)
  • Pitcairn Islands (14)
  • Samoa (60)
  • Tuvalu (30)

These islands are the ultimate backpacker’s dream

  1. South America

A continent of breathtaking landscapes, colorful culture, great music, and fiery people. South America has a lot to offer any kind of traveler and it is also visa-free:

  • Bolivia (90)
  • Brazil (90)
  • Colombia (90)
  • Ecuador (90)
  • Peru (183)
  • Suriname (90)

If you are bored in life, experience South American adventures and like the locals, be fierce once more.

There are so many different places for us to travel to, so what are you waiting for? Make lasting memories and life-changing moments. As they say, travelling is a personal investment, it is something that “money can buy and make you richer.” After all, travelling is not only a journey to a new place but a journey to self-discovery.


*Always make sure you are holding a VALID passport at least 6 months prior to the date of entry to avoid expensive and lengthy travel disruptions.

*As a Filipino traveling with a third-world passport, it is still not 100% guarantee that you can enter the country even if you are eligible. Always have the intention to go back to the Philippines or you country of residence.

*Visitors with a passport stamp of Israel are not allowed to enter a number of countries because of the Arab League boycott of Israel.

*Always have a return ticket.

*Visa restrictions may change from time to time. So it is advisable that the traveler must check the embassy or immigration of the country he/she may wish to visit.



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