Because we’d like to meet new people, connect, inspire, and be inspired at the same time. Because we aim to continuously promote working hard and exploring even harder. Because we aim to give credits to those who keep a regular job and still travel.

The Corporate Nomads is conducting a series that will feature other Corporate Nomads out there.

And now, The Corporate Nomads SPOTLIGHT is on Ms. Lucita Gene Padua.

The SPOTLIGHT is on Ms. Lucita Gene Padua

Commonly known as Gene, she’s a certified Corporate Nomad who works as a Data Entry practitioner and who’s also an Entrepreneur, connected in the health care industry.

Gene is a mixture of having both a loud and a quiet personality. She likes to visit and experience off-the-beaten tracks or simply places not yet famous to many. Although, she enjoys the company of her friends a lot or anybody she meets on the road while traveling, she enjoys to experience ultimate tranquil and being at peace with herself.

Full Interview:

  1. When did you start traveling?

I started traveling when I was a kid. We used to live in a barrio where you have to go to town just to watch a movie in a cinema. Since then, I fell in love with huge screens and I didn’t realize that also since then, I never mind traveling far from our little barrio to town and back to watch movies in the big screen. For me, that was a start and I guess as I get older my strong spirit to travel just grew with me.

2. What do you love about traveling that keeps you yearning for more?

My goal in life is to really live this life to the fullest. Thus, my motivation to work hard goes with it. Traveling is my key to living this life to the fullest. Amazing places, beautiful structures, getting close to people, understanding and experiencing different culture, and gaining wisdom from people with different views in life does me a really good favor.

3. How do you keep a balance between work and travel?

I set myself a plan and a travel goal every year. I prepare ahead as early as six months to a year before my scheduled travel. I organize my budget and only visit the places that I can afford. Mostly, I have friends and family in the places I travel to. Thus, pretty much save on accommodation and food. I educate myself not just to travel but also save and invest for my future. I actually practice saving 30% of my salary for travel and a huge 50% for my retirement and business ventures. I stretch the remaining 20% for my daily and personal expenses.

4. Would you quit your job to travel full time? Why? Why not?

Certainly, no. I don’t believe it’s practical. I am just lucky that my work provides me with the privileges to travel. And to me, that’s only having a win-win relationship towards my employer.

The SPOTLIGHT is on Ms. Lucita Gene Padua 5

5. If you are a place you’ve already been, what place would you be? Why?

I’d be Mati, Davao Oriental. Because it was there that I got to experience different gifts of life, a very simple and peaceful way of living with a free spirited people.

The SPOTLIGHT is on Ms. Lucita Gene Padua 2

The SPOTLIGHT is on Ms. Lucita Gene Padua 3

6. If you are asked to travel at once with all-expenses paid and sky is the limit, wherever, where would you go and why?

I’d explore Philippines as much as I can from Apari to Jolo. I mean there’s no other place like home. I’m proud of my origins and the country I was born into. I believe that are still a lot of places yet to be discovered and visited in the Philippines not to mention the fresh and sumptuous foods and delicacies wherever.

7. What can you say to other Corporate Nomads out there? Or those that keeps regular 9-to-5 jobs and yet finds and makes time to travel?

  • Travel as much as you can, don’t worry there are plenty of kind people that will help you if you are broke on your travel.Haha!
  • Travel and travel don’t get scared about what people’s negative opinion or experience on any place you wish to visit. Remember that experience is better than opinion and, for all we know, a teacher too.

8. If there are three things that traveling has significantly taught you, what would those be and why?

To me, just the simple fact that you get to discover your inner strength, becoming resourceful and more of a humble person.

9. Why is traveling so important to you?

Because I get to connect with people with rich life stories from different walks of life. And it’s really overwhelming to be shared with their own stories. It gives me all the emotions apart from really learning from them. And by learning, I meant shaping up my own persona. Seeing the things I need to iron out of myself  and the things I really should be thankful for to become better of a person for myself and to others.

10. What would you say to your traveler self 10 years from now?

The SPOTLIGHT is on Ms. Lucita Gene Padua 4

  • I’d say, travel more! Travel, travel and travel because traveling makes you experience life as a whole more than the routines. It will help you build your inner strength that you yourself could be proud of. Remember that it doesn’t have to be grand. Travel as simple as you can if you have to. What matters are the life lessons you get to earn on top of the beautiful scenes and spots you get to visit.
  • I’d also say that “See, you are never alone in this world!” How amazing it is to hear every story of every people you meet on the road to draw inspiration from and perhaps share your own wisdom too. Moreover, how amazing it is to be offered help by someone/some people you never thought would help you in times of crisis on the road and to realize how wonderful every place you’ve visit  for its people no matter what misadventure you got yourself into.

There you have it, a glimpse of Ms. Gene, a certified Corporate Nomad, who we guess wouldn’t mind to have a chat with you about life in general over a bottle of beer by the sea shore under the twinkling night sky. 🙂

Thank you, Ms. Gene. Cheers!









Toni has always been an adventure seeker, always up to experience new things. She is a proud Davaoeña who lives for the moment, capturing episodes of bliss. She keeps a 9-5PM job in a reputable bank on a Monday through Fridays and her foot soles just itch in between. She's someone who has a very strong desire to travel, but she is no big traveler herself as she always says. She does her ‘kindergarten adventures’, as she calls, to break the monotony of working in a one-sitting-cubicle type of job. Saturdays and Sundays are too sacred for her. She'd prefer outdoor adventures hiking up mountains or diving into the deepest sea. Wandering helps her keep going and say her “Hello, Monday!” mantra lively.

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