7 Reasons Why Working Abroad is the Best Experience for Millennials

7 Reasons Why Working Abroad is the Best Experience for Millennials

Millennials or those who are born in the 90’s and early 20’s are dreaming of a greener pasture overseas when jobs back home are scarce. Working abroad gives us interesting life and best experiences that will always be remembered. Perhaps, today is best time to make a big leap in your life while you are young and active. As a young professional, you can do anything you want to, the world is your oyster. If you get that opportunity then go for it, as it doesn’t come around very often.

Nowadays, it has become a trend to move away from your homeland in search of a job abroad to support the family. In most of the developing countries, millennials are forced to leave because of the government system and corrupt leaders. When you become an expatriate, chances are you fall in love in one place and just don’t want to leave. Others find growth in their career and just continue the rat race. But, most people go abroad for that one thing: Life experience. However, it’s not always easy as some expect. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to get to your dream job or the life you wanted.  There are issues such as work permits, landing a bad employer, visa problems, miscommunication, safety and others to take into consideration. Otherwise, it gives you awesome events in your life.

If you’re a generation X, take advantage of being young to share your skills and intelligence. The world awaits you. So, here are the reasons why working abroad is the best experience for you.

A Chance to travel the world.

A chance to travel the world.

A chance to travel the world.

Let’s face it, a whole new world opens up to you. You’ll get closer to the places you’ve ever wanted to visit. It gives you an opportunity to see what every country has to offer. Make use of your paid vacation leave or free time to explore nearby countries. If you are in Europe, chances are, you get easy access to travel around border countries without having restrictions.  Sometimes, you’ll get a chance to go on a business trip outside the country, step into it. Remember you are abroad, you work hard and you just can’t be stagnant in one place, treat yourself and head off anywhere. Travelling gives you great satisfaction in life.

Learn the language.

There is no better and effective way to learn than to speak the language you are learning. When you work abroad, you acquire new skills and one of those is to learn the local language. You will be surrounded by the language every day and hearing the proper context. There’s no reason for you not to master it. When you speak their language, you get to enjoy having a good conversation with the locals, opens you up to new people experiences, and understands a way of living that we are not aware of before. As Nelson Mandela said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart”. Our trips abroad will be forever remembered in our hearts.

Embrace the culture.

One of the reasons why we love to work overseas is to experience new cultures and customs. You don’t obviously learn everything about the country you are going to visit in the guide books. You have to understand how things work by immersing yourself to them. Every country is different and you may experience culture shock in the beginning. Remember to keep an open mind and embrace differences. Trust me, you’ll learn to get along with workmates from different cultural backgrounds. For instance, you may always hear about the Middle East being unsafe countries to work but once you live there you will appreciate how beautiful people they are, it is a safe place and Arabic foods are just awesome. 

Prove Your Independence

Landing a job across the seas forces you to cut the cord and live on your own. It means you start a new life, adapt to a new environment and meet new colleagues. You’ll discover a lot about what are you capable of, and it makes you more independent than you used to be. Although, it will be challenging in the first few months but it’s not bad after all. You learn to do household chores by yourself (which I think you don’t do at home), you do grocery and you appreciate the value of time. Often, we’re too scared to face challenges, but being independent brings out the best in you. Having the courage to live away from your comfort zone give a sense of freedom. There’s nothing like going back home with a better version of yourself and reflect the great things you’ve learned abroad.

Make Good Money

Make good money.

Make good money.

Do you get depressed with the small amount you save every month and you still working in the same company for years without a raise? Well, you can make a decent wage abroad without being pressured to match your current salary. Although, minimum wage varies from country to country still you can keep your bank account happy. You get to enjoy every single money you earn from working hard. Some countries in the Middle East offer good salaries with, free accommodation and sometimes will give staff meal. In Europe or in America they pay well but it is not a fortune as you have to pay taxes and the standard of living there is high. Remember you work abroad not to waste money going to expensive restaurants and bars all the time. Do not get sucked into fancy expat lifestyle.

Stand out from the crowd.

More and more companies are engaging into international market and they prefer to hire globalized individual. Imagine what benefits you can reap from working in a foreign country. People who worked abroad are more self-motivated and independent than others. Rest assured, it will give a boost in your career. Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies nowadays are growing like a mushroom and they look for competitive individuals who are skilled in foreign language. Imagine when you return home, you’ll become an asset of most employers.

Fall in love.

Fall In Love

Fall In Love

Heading overseas is a lot like falling in love. Relationship you build abroad is not the same compared to the kind of dating you do back home. Although, finding your true love isn’t in your plan and definitely not your priority but you will end up finding yourself falling passionately in love. Remember, love moves in mysterious ways and mysterious places. But, there’s a lot of things you fall in love to, the kindness of locals, the culture and the vibrant city. The moment you get off the plane feels like this could be the start of something new. Go for it!



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