6 Most Unanticipated #Hugot Problems Why Hikers Can’t Move On

6 Most Unanticipated #Hugot Problems Why Hikers Can’t Move On

Nowadays, more and more people are getting out to experience the beauty of the hills. Hiking is fun, healthy, affordable and a great way to socialize. Whether you are burnt-out, depressed or just plain stressed, being out in the wilderness and stand in the peak overlooking stunning mountain makes you a better person than you used to be. Some people consider hiking as a sports and others find it a way to meet new friends. But most people hike to decrease anxiety from being broken hearted and to move on.

Although hiking is for everyone (first timers or experienced hikers), you cannot just simply hit the trail unprepared. Take into consideration that you have to be prepared physically and emotionally, you are not just doing this because you want it. Below are the most unanticipated problems most hikers encounter along the trail.

  1. Carrying a heavy load.

Let go of the extra baggage that is keeping you from enjoying life. Do not carry with you those unnecessary things during the trip. Learn to pack light. Free your mind and heart. Loads can slow you down and will never get you any better. Learn to let go of the things or people which are the reason your shoulder swell.

  1. Hiking comes with great physical demands.

We all know that hiking comes with great physical demands. Yes it is tiring but it’s worth it. Take your time to rest before getting into new relationship, I mean new adventure. Even hardcore pants, need to rest. Allow yourself to cool down every time you get exhausted, do not force yourself to the limit.  Hitting the assault is one of the challenging parts, you will encounter hazards and dangers along the trail. Never give up. Move on. Hiking is like a failed relationship, you’ll get stronger by breaking your heart.

  1. Someone is holding you back.

Move forward, exercise your freedom. That someone doesn’t care about you anymore, so stop being paranoid. The world doesn’t stop revolving without him or her. Forget that person who hurt you, he or she doesn’t deserve you anyway. Do not think life is incomplete without ex’s presence. The trail is visible, prove yourself that you can make it to peak without someone to hold on. Stop waiting. Go! Do your own pacing. He’s/she’s not coming back anymore. If that person really loves you he/she will do anything to reach the summit with you no matter how hard the trail is. Move on. Focus in every step of the way. There’s a lot to admire in the wilderness than your ex.

  1. You are confused which way to go.

Sometimes we encounter crossroads, you are stuck in a dilemma. You are afraid of getting lost. In hiking ,we have  guides same as in life we have friends and family that would help us which way to go. Be guided. Follow what your instinct say to you. People around you helps you get back to the right track, but still you decide for yourself. Never assume that the peak is five steps away, you’ll end up getting hurt again knowing that it is 500 more steps. Pause for a while, take a deep breath and look into the brighter side and you will find the pot of gold.

  1. You ran out of resources

Empty bottles, empty containers, empty first aid kit, empty hearts, and empty brain. Our journey really is exhausting, sometimes we get wounds and use everything we’ve got just to stop the pain and bleeding. Sometimes we are ravenous for food and desperate for water. But what if it’s all gone? Does it mean we won’t continue? We’ve been to many mountains, different trails, and different problems. We are human, we are tough. We can survive. We have an instinct. You can use the nature, the water sources, or the fruits on the trees we have to take a break and restart your brain, fill it with knowledge or anything good for your heart. Replenished and move on.

  1. You are mesmerized by the beauty your lustful eyes craved for.

Before hitting the summit, you will encounter a spectacular view. It’s so beautiful! I should stay here. It’s the best place I have ever seen. Sometimes we get deceived by the wonders thinking that it is perfect. Sometimes as long as we feel comfortable, we stopped moving on and then we realized that we are unprepared to the changes of the weather or anything possible that is very unlikely to happen. Moving on so fast can make you happier. Every trekker knew that the summit and going down the mountain is the most fulfilling thing to experience. The feeling of accomplishment and the feeling that you moved on is priceless, that something has ended in your life. Trust me. Move on and see for yourself.

authored by: Timber Ponce
originally published: timberlikes.wordpress.com
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  1. I’m lucky I am already over these hugot phases that a hiker could have. I remembered, it was Cai who mostly speaks and shouts of hugot phrases while climbing up Mt. Palay-palay. LOL! That was one hilarious day! xD

  2. These hugot lines made me realize that even if I had the best intentions in hiking, it will still boil down to your self-motivation of moving forward and never giving up, rising above the challenges that made us human and frail, and lastly, getting past the denial and argumentative stage of why I hiked in the first place. 🙂

    Luckily, I’m soooo over this! 🙂

    – JL

  3. When I first climb a mountain, I had a lot of hugots along the trail. It’s really not easy climbing a mountain, mostly for first timers. But after all the hugot and pagod. Making it to the summit is really worth it. Tip no 1 is really important. Don’t carry a lot of things 🙂 Just bring what is important.


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