Filipino globetrotters are amazing people with the most inspiring stories. It is one of the nationalities with positive attitude and fun to be with. Whether you travel with your colleague, best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend or soulmate, one thing is for sure it is awesome to bump with a stranger and becomes your travel companion. I guess everyone would agree that we Filipinos are the best travel buddies. Traveling alone is a good idea but being with someone on the road is always the best options. While we are traveling alone, we get homesick then we wish to have someone with us to cheer up. We meet different kinds of travelers, some are inexperience and some are just social animal. So consider yourself lucky when you meet “Kabayans” or Pinoys on the road. Never fail to say “Hi”, who knows you might end up traveling together and create the best memories together. Here are the reason why Filipinos are the best travel companion.

  1. Filipinos are always going out of their comfort zone.

Oops… Cliche right? Most people use that phrase. But for us, this is one of the best feeling we encounter in every travel stories. Why do we need to go out of comfort? For me, it is something we need as a person, traveler or not. It is a need in order for us to grow and to learn. We often learn in courage zone. Things that are unusual will eventually become common to us. I’m sure we all have facebook accounts. That is an example of getting out of your comfort zone. We do not fear the change in the environment. They adapt to it and they are flexible. Great things happened only inside the courage zone. Remaining in your comfort will make you grow older, you are now already in “Stagnation” of Sigmund Freud theory of Developmental stages and the Age for it starts at 65yrs old. Come on guys! Go out of from your comfort! You can only feel it when you are already in the courage.

  1. We don’t give up. We try harder.

You have heard these things from successful people, champions and leaders. This attitude is also present to us. We don’t give up in the things we want to. If we want to be in a certain place, we persevere by hook or by crook no matter what it takes just to be there. In a mountain climbing, which is one of the most challenging type of travel, we often require much effort with a stiff and “Unli” ascend just to be in the summit. It will drain all of your energy, make you feel tired and muscle pains, some experienced cramps. Yet, we don’t give up. We are more focus on the beauty of summit than the hardships of the trail.

Some hikers would really save more money visit the place they want to. Some don’t give up waiting for an airfare promotions. Even though I heard some of them with the word “PAASA” yet they still want to book and willing to wait from 12 midnight until morning. It is better not to give up than to regret something you did not exert any additional effort just to have it. Sometimes it requires only another second of waiting or another little move of muscle just to have the things you really want.

  1. We respect people and nature.

The love for others, it is not only about giving something for the needy. Most travelers I encounter have the care for the locals, especially for the kids. Real charity is giving more what you can give. Giving something valuable for you. Your time, a time spent in nature is never wasted. A time spent for the kids in a far area can lighten an inspiration to a little kid there. The time we have played with them. A coffee together with the locals or having a “Hugot” time with manong Guide. Charity is also present in those people with their emergency equipment and help people that requires first aid in the wilderness. Helping people to go to a place. I will include charity by simply sharing your itinerary to the person in need in a facebook page or group. Some charity turns to romance, two people met in an event and became a travel buddy and then the end is friendzoned, oopps i mean the end is “IN A RELATIONSHIP( since this blog is about inspiring). The more you give love to others, the more blessings you will receive THAT IS THE TRUE RELIGION.

  1. We are naturally passionate.

As travelers, this is our passion… Some goals is to travel the globe, some is to experience the culture, and some is to be with the wild. The feeling of something you are born to do. We have wander genes, the reason that triggers our feet to stop stopping. A well-known quote of an outdoor product is “Never Stop Exploring.” Why? Yes! Because it is our passion to explore, to learn new things and to experience the old soul new to our outside world. We live to explore, we live for adventures. By definition, Passion is a great, strong and powerful emotion to something you truly love. It is an addiction that we crave for. Some are reading this and do not travel, maybe you should find your passion in the way you are the only person who can unlock it.

In Bo’s Sanchez talks I have watched in Youtube, He talks about EMOTIONAL WHY, I believe that is the other word for passion, why you should do something amazing? Is it to fill yourself? For your love ones? To help others? To serve God? It is up to you. God wants us to enjoy life and following your passion is the most satisfying things in life. In the movie 3 Idiots quoted “Make your passion your profession.” We travel because we are passionate for learning in a new environment. To be familiar with those simple things that can make a person whole and joyous.

  1. You will never get bored with us.

What Filipino travelers have something in common? Their sense of humor. I admit, I have not met or encountered personally all friends list in my facebook. But I already have a conversation with them, the term “Kalog” is really something for most travelers. Hugotero’s, hugotera’s, Hokages and hokagirls. Being funny doesn’t mean we are immature in the real world. We are just happy. Some people take the life seriously. I don’t believe they are mature enough. Real maturity is being able to be happy despite the fact that the world we live in is unfair. We have problems every day. Yes!!! Everyday! But when are you going to stop worrying the problem that you know it will be there until tomorrow or the next day? Like traffic, ohh c’mon folks! It is every day! Do we need to tweet it? Or post it on facebook? Why not focus on something that can make you grow or happy. Travelers are happy people. We don’t deal with a simple problem. Instead we only make jokes on something we can’t control, as of this writing, the generation of travelers existed today, are those people who makes a “hugot” in every single happening of everyday living. I’m a fan of “juanhugotaway”, a very funny ideas that became viral. If you are not happy in 1minute, you have wasted 60seconds of your life. Travelers feel the joy that can’t be explained when in #SecretPlace, oh I mean when in the place we love to stay.

authored by: Timber Ponce
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 5 Reasons Why Filipinos are the Best Travel Buddies

5 Reasons Why Filipinos are the Best Travel Buddies




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