1. They can keep their head on straight in unpleasant situation.

Every travel doesn’t always go as planned. The risk of misadventures is inherent. But, because travelers have already went to a number of places where they experienced a lot of differences, forced to be in tough situations, and pushed to reach the extent of their limits; they are often calm and stay even more peaceful if something goes wrong or if pressure is heightened at work. Procrastination and panic are simply not on their vocabularies. They tend to come out joyful and glorious regardless of being in a difficult, if not, in the weirdest circumstance possible.

  1. They are passionate of continuous learning.

Traveling allows travelers to learn different things from language, to people, to specialty foods, and to culture. Learning all these, apart from practically learning based on their experiences, only excites them and often cause them to yearn for more. Thus, at work, travelers tend to have a self-starter kind of attitude no matter how long they have been on their job posts. This is something top management could be happy about. Times are simply changing and so as the manner of how things should be done in the workplace. A self-starter and a go-getter kind of worker will only be beneficial to the organization, especially when changes from one procedure to a more efficient one is applied. The management can rely and be at ease that during significant transition periods everything will run smoothly and effectively to the benefit of the whole organization.

  1. They are not afraid to try new things.

As frequently said, fear is all in the mind. However, it is of course easier said than done, but just not for most travelers. They initiate coming out of their comfort zones regardless of the outcome. They have set a great balance between adventures and misadventures. They understand that mishaps are inevitable. Thus, they can still look at it in a positive viewpoint. They take caution on their every action, yet they are independent and not constrained by convention. They don’t need validation from others. The reason why they can confidently craft and suggest unique ideas in the workplace that are practically stimulated from their own experiences.

  1. They are confident and self-governing.

When caught in a challenging situation on the road, say getting lost in the streets, travelers tend to get a hold of themselves and find their way on their own. Asking for help can be an option for them. But, just find it amusing to have the confidence to deal with it on their own. Travelers feel success by having to solve a challenge on their own. That’s why in the workplace, they can be depended upon by both their superiors and sub-ordinates. Minimal supervision suits them well. They can be expected to do the right thing even if no one is watching.

  1. They are people oriented persons.

Travelers met countless of people from their travels everywhere. They are no longer shy to present themselves. They don’t have problems connecting with people. Consequently, in the workplace, travelers tend to be team players. They can adjust to different types of characters easily. They tend to be a million times sensible to their co-worker’s feelings. They can get along with everyone regardless of their ranks. A simple smile, a nod, or a “Hi!” can be expected from them when they bump into a co-worker regardless of how stressful the work environment could get.


What I’d like to tell to workers who travels

Five Reasons Why Travelers Are the Best Workers


Continue working your best to be worthy of your vacation leaves. It’s not wrong to request for vacation leaves if you don’t have any. Just make sure to finish every task assigned to you without compromising the quality and timeliness of your output. Continue to let yourselves be curious of things you haven’t tried and places you haven’t visited before. You’re doing just great by staying composed all the way even under excessive amount of pressure. Indeed, travelers are the best workers. Continue to be a living example that setting a balance between work and travel is possible. The world awaits you and it’s more than excited to see you treat yourself to travel once again. Work to travel unlimited!



Toni has always been an adventure seeker, always up to experience new things. She is a proud Davaoeña who lives for the moment, capturing episodes of bliss. She keeps a 9-5PM job in a reputable bank on a Monday through Fridays and her foot soles just itch in between. She's someone who has a very strong desire to travel, but she is no big traveler herself as she always says. She does her ‘kindergarten adventures’, as she calls, to break the monotony of working in a one-sitting-cubicle type of job. Saturdays and Sundays are too sacred for her. She'd prefer outdoor adventures hiking up mountains or diving into the deepest sea. Wandering helps her keep going and say her “Hello, Monday!” mantra lively.


  1. What a great article! I especially liked #1. So true as traveling has thrown so many obstacles my way but you just learn to keep calm and figure out a way out of the situation!

  2. Definitely agree! As I been to a few places already I realized that there’s so much that travelling can teach us about the “real world” esp about patience and learning that sometimes things just don’t go they way we planned 😀


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