“I wish I had spent more time with my father before he died. I wish I had taken him to his dream place to enjoy life more. Because of my regrets, I realized that I have to spend more quality time with my family, especially Mom.”

Selfie with Mom, Aunt and Bro at The Ruins, Macau

Selfie with Mom, Aunt and Bro at The Ruins, Macau

When I was young, I would always think traveling is for wealthy people. I grew up in a family where travel was seen as a luxury for the privileged, but it’s not. I badly wanted to experience a dream family vacation like most of my peers.  I have to do something to make it memorable.

Time flies so fast, and now it’s been 3 years since I left home, The Philippines. Having lived abroad, I thought that I have lost the feeling of home and must take a break. Once I came back, I took my mom for a trip along with my aunt and brother. I remember when I was a kid; my mom’s wish is to bring me to Disneyland. Though it’s never too late, I took her to the happiest place on the Earth. I made her wish come to reality as we traveled to Hong Kong and Macau. It was their first time traveling abroad and I have had such a wonderful feeling to see them so happy.

At the avenues of the stars, Hong Kong

At the avenues of the stars, Hong Kong

Many of us live several miles away from home. Many of us work overseas to support family back home. I know the feeling of missing someone special. I’m going to convince you to travel with your Mom. It’s worth it. So, here are the reasons why:

  1. Time to Give Back

Hey! Your mother deserves to feel appreciated and to have some fun. She probably wants to spend a date with you just like the old days. When was the last time you and your mom spent a day walking in the park? Do you still remember the time she treated you to your favorite candy shop?  When was the last time you went on a picnic? I bet, you don’t even remember. Now it’s time to turn the table and make your mom happy. Explore unvisited places along with the woman who raised and changed your diapers. Bring her to where she ever wanted. Invite her to watch movies and concerts. As for my mom, small things bring her joy and I feel grateful to be able to give back and do something special.  So, finally my payback time came and I treated her with this great vacation. I would never forget how my mom titillated when she saw the figures of Mickey Mouse right in front of her. She just behaved like a small girl and I really enjoyed being with her. I thought that I have relived the moment like a small girl with my best companion, my mother. I saw many good places to travel with your mom in Hongkong.

  1. Home is where the heart is.

No matter where you are, home will never feel too far away, when you have the person you care and love the most by your side. There are many fun places to travel with your mom

  1. Chance to capture epic twofies.

Travelling with your mom gives you the opportunity to take a selfie with her. It is cool to have her in your photo riding a cable car in The Peak, Hong Kong or an epic twofies with Mickey mouse in Disneyland.  After all, these photographs are the proof of the sweetest memories together that will last forever.

  1. Seize the moment.

Life is short and YOLO (You only live once). Now is the best time to create the best story with your loved ones. Someday, you would look back and wish you’d spent more time together. Enjoy every moment you and your mom get tired roaming around Disneyland. Appreciate her first roller coaster ride and jungle river cruise. Seeing my mom’s expression after visiting the Ruins of St. Paul in Macau is priceless. We explored Macanese cuisine and we didn’t care if we ate pretty awful tasting food. What I like about Mom and my Aunt is that they never get shy dropping by local bakery shops and try some pastries for a free taste, it was fun! Remember to capture those moments with your mom as it is something you will cherish forever.

  1. Bring you closer together.

Taking your mom on a trip is not just enjoying the scenery, but strengthens your relationship together, and helps resolve the issue from the past (if there is), create sweetest memories and a lot more. Long train rides and flights are often great bonding activity when she is right beside you. I would rather spend my time sleeping on her shoulder than listening music on your smartphone. This is your chance to tell her what she missed when you were apart. During our trip, she loves taking pictures like crazy; strike a pose with Disney characters and famous landmarks. She is so cute. She’s the coolest travel buddy ever. In the end, we laugh. We have stories. We realize that no situation that we end up in is the end of the world. We know that together we can handle anything, and that we always have the choice to turn the ‘bad’ into nothing more than part of a grand adventure.

  1. New experiences together

My mom has been my greatest companion in my vacation and we both really enjoyed every moment. These moments have become the most memorable moments of my life. I won’t forget how my mom would work for long hours to provide bread and butter to our family. When my father was alive, she didn’t have to worry about anything since he would manage it for us. But then, after we lost our father; my mom had to go through many quandaries in her life. But she would never let us know about our worries and I had completed my studies easily. When I left my home for a search for employment, I realized that I would have to pay something back to my mom. Having said that, nothing should be compared to what my mom had provided us with. But still I dreamt about giving a good vacation treat to my mom. I know that these travel moments are mine and no one can steal them from me.

  1. You’ll discover parts of their personality that you wouldn’t at home.

I have never seen so many shades of characters in my mom, throughout my life. I have never seen her laughing and enjoying every bit of moment like a small girl. She has always been like a caretaker for us since our childhood. She has provided us with every possible facility she could. She didn’t leave any stone unturned to provide us best possible facilities.

twofies with mom at Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong

twofies with mom at Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong

I would never forget how she would hide her tears after my dad left us, and provide every possible care to me. I thought that I have really missed my real mother behind the conjuring of reality that she has had to face. I saw some new behavior traits in her when we visited the famous places of Hong Kong and Macau. I saw her laughing out loud while enjoying some of the roller coaster rides. I saw her affluent beauty while seeing the Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong. My mom really understands that travel is so much more than just seeing famous sights. She wholly sees the appeal of waking up in a new country, living the day-to-day while under the challenge of language and location, and getting to know other souls across the globe.

I think that traveling is the best way to sort out some of the best traits in your loved ones. I have never thought in my whole life that my mother has so many shades behind her face. I have been waiting for this true moment of happiness throughout my life. We visited almost every famous place of Hong Kong and I realized like that I am having a feeling of Déjà Vu. I realized that I have visited these places earlier with my mom in my dreams. I really feel goose bumps in my body when riding through the roller coaster and I felt that I have relived this moment with my mom. I know that I cannot pay her back for what she has been doing for me, but still I felt that I gave her a good memorable vacation. I could not remember what it would feel when you were floating inside the womb of your mother, filled with caring amniotic fluid; without even taking a single breath. But I know that this vacation will also last long in my memories.

At Hong Kong Disneyland with my brother Richard

At Hong Kong Disneyland with my brother Richard

Traveling is truly one of the coolest and most amazing things you can do together with your loved one. Although, I master the art of solo traveling still a trip with your special someone can create blissfully sweet memories to cherish infinity. So, this was my story of good places to travel with your mom and I hope you do the same to you loved ones. You can always go to any places you like. Remember “time is gold”.




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  1. Spending time with Mums is the best.

    • you are so right laura!… parents are the reason why we breath

  2. Loved this post. Our parents are the ones who gave us life in the first place…

    • hello marie,
      yes we should have time for our parents while they are still with us.

  3. I was looking for a blog about travelling with Mom, and finally, I was able to read your blog. I’am also an OFW and same with your scenario. I lost also my Dad last 2008. And as payback time to my Mom, I want to give her the best travel of her life. I’m planning also to take her in Hongkong. I really love your post. I missed my Mom so bad. I’m really excited now to go home and make more memories with my Mom outside of our country.
    Thank you @thatmokie. 🙂

    • Hi Nikka,
      Sorry about your Dad. I know the feeling. mind you, travels heal me completely and im loving Mom everyday. I can’t wait for you to share your travels with your mom.


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