Party boats during King's Day ( photo credit: iamsterdam)

Party boats during King’s Day ( photo credit: iamsterdam)

So, literally I have come back from an unforgettable experience of witnessing King’s day in Amsterdam. I generally like boisterous parties and the bastion of bacchanalian, making loud noises. After experiencing one of the world’s most famous parties, I am now feeling overwhelmed. First of all, let me tell you something about King’s day that has been celebrated on 27th of April every year. Earlier, it was celebrated as a Queen’s day, but then it became King’s day for celebrating the investiture of the King Willem Alexander; who became first King of Holland on April 30, 2013. He became the first King of Holland after a long period of 123 years, when every ruler has been a Queen since 1890.

we loved Holland!

we loved Holland!

I reached Amsterdam on 26th of April from Venice. I took some rest in the hotel and then went outside to enjoy the pre-King’s Day celebration in the evening. We rambled through the road with other fellow visitors and party lovers and then we reached Amsterdam’s hotel and joined the Latin Rush party. I am not into drinking a lot in a new place, but I didn’t want to miss a chance enjoying this night; so I drank a little bit of cocktail of my favourite alcohol. The alcohol rushed through my veins and produced an adrenaline rush inside me. I started dancing and enjoying the night with my friends and other party visitors’. Then, after having some more drinks, we went back to our hotel at 3:00 am in the morning. Then we took some more rest to witness the greatest couch surfing party in the morning on King’s day.

Kings Day Festival Olympisch StadionNC (photo credit: iamsterdam)

Kings Day Festival Olympisch StadionNC (photo credit: iamsterdam)

I woke up at 7:00 am in the morning and went away to enjoy the greatest street party of Amsterdam on King’s day. We reached near the Vrije market also called Free market; where the local residents sell everything they got from their households. King’s administration allows all fellow residents of Amsterdam to buy or sell anything from their household without the need of any permit on this day. Then we reached Vondelpark market; where only kids are allowed to sell their toys, books or anything they like to sell. I saw a cute looking girl selling some of her old books and toys. It’s a tradition in Amsterdam to buy something from children on this day and pay somewhat higher prices than the actual price. So I bought a nice looking teddy bear from her and gave it to a cute baby girl whom I bumped with. Then I met my old friend Himanshu and other couch surfers in one of the busiest square in Amsterdam, The Dam Square. The locals are very friendly and helping in nature; and I never felt that I have come to a foreign place.

with couchsurfing buddies during King's Day

with couchsurfing buddies during King’s Day

Why this Day and Destination Was My Choice?

I love to explore new places and parties. I also love to visit some of the famous places of the world. I heard a lot about King’s day from my friends. I also love to gather information about the culture of various countries; and that’s why King’s day become my favourite choice. I have heard a lot about the cultural diversities of King’s day and its street party. King’s day is a celebration in itself and this is what I wanted to witness since a long time. I love the color Orange and I felt that I have reached in paradise when I see everyone wearing orange color attires in the party.

I also enjoyed the boat party a lot on the canals. This party usually happens in the Prinsengracht canal where people dance on the boats and at the shore. So sad that we didn’t get into one of the boats as they were all jam-packed. Then we danced to the beats of some famous party song.

the crowd during the event

the crowd during the event

7 Facts You May Don’t Know about King’s Day

1. King’s day was earlier celebrated as Queen’s day that was famous with a name ‘Koninginnedag.’ It had been celebrated as a birthday of Queen Wilhelmina since 1885 on the 31st of August till 1948. Then, it changed to 30th of April from 1949 as a birthday of Queen Juliana. Then, it was again changed to 27th of April when Willem Alexander became the first king on 27th April 2013, which the celebration of his birthday. Now it’s famous with the name ‘Koningsdag’ or the King’s birthday.
2. Orange is the national color of Holland, and that’s why everyone is asked to wear orange color dresses on this day.

3. You can eat a lot that is available at an affordable price on King’s day since every local resident sells something on the streets on this day without any obligation. I would recommend you to have a bite of the most famous local pastry of Amsterdam called ‘tompouce’ on this occasion.

4. This day is also the best day for shoppers since you can buy anything on the streets at an affordable price on this day. You can find some good clothes, books, and toys on the famous street market on King’s day. I would suggest you to buy something from Vondelpark as a memento of your visit to Amsterdam. Vondelpark is a market where only children are allowed to sell their toys, books, and other items. I am sure you will love to buy something from them.

5. You can also visit some museums on this day that are open. Just visit any museums from The Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, or the Stedelijik museum to enjoy the cultural diversities of Amsterdam.

6. If you love to party, then I am sure this day would become memorable for you because there are many huge open-air dance events on King’s day. Just remember to get your ticket in advance because there’s a high demand for these party events.

7. King’s day party is one of the largest street parties where around 600,000 local residents and more than 2 million visitors around the globe visit to witness this boisterous party. I am sure you’ll love to visit this place with your friends or family members.



I would really recommend you to witness the biggest street party in the world once in your life if you plan to visit Netherlands. I had the best time of the year and met awesome and coolest friends. I hope you enjoyed reading my article and I am waiting for your response as usual.



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