Boracay: Get a tan on your next adventure!

Boracay: Get a tan on your next adventure!

If you’re somebody who spends all day at a desk and computer thinking when and where to travel next, then you are a Corporate Nomad. Get ready! Save your vacation leave and take advantage of 2016 official holidays.

Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. of Malacañang has released Proclamation No. 1105, dated August 20, 2015, issued to the public, Wednesday, August 26. The proclamation lists 10 regular holidays and nine special non-working days for 2016.

Gear up for long holiday weekend on the following dates: January 1 – 3, February 6 – 8, March 24 – 27, August 27 – 29, October 29 – November 1, and December 30, 2016 – January 2, 2017.For Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), if you haven’t made plans yet, New Year, All Saints’ Day, and Christmas will be the best time to take your vacation.

Woohooo! Book a flight and plan your epic adventure.

Herewith the list of official nationwide holidays for 2016

Philippine Holiday 2016

Philippine Holiday 2016



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