Traveling teaches us a lot of things in life. For the past 3 years I’ve been to many countries including France, Germany, Singapore, UAE, Turkey, Cambodia and more.  I have discovered not just the wonders of the world but who I really am. Nothing makes you feel more alive and free than traveling.

My friends keep asking me how I can afford my travels.  Do I have a rich beneficiary? Did I win instant jackpot in a lottery? Mind you, I paid for my entire trip myself. I’m no seafarer and not a cabin crew who is getting paid to travel. Well, like most of you, I have a desk job with a nagging boss.  I make sure I sneak a trip despite my busy work schedule. I save a lot for it because I believe that the most important life lessons cannot be taught at work or in school.

The world is a book and those who don't travel read only a page.

The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page.

Here are 51 life lessons that travel has taught me.

  1. You don’t need to be rich to travel the world.
  2. Passport is the most important thing when you’re on the road. Keep it secured.
  3. Selfie stick is the second most important thing when traveling.
    The Art of selfie :-))

    The Art of selfie :-))

  4. Quitting your job to travel the world is a terrible idea.
  5. Humans in general are kind and helpful.
  6. I look like Korean. Oppa Gangnam style! (not all Asians are from China or Korea)
  7. I will never get tired of traveling
  8. My friends back home are inspired by my travels.
  9. Travelers you meet on the road have their own unique stories to tell.
  10. France has the best patisserie.
  11. Gelato could be a good breakfast. Must try!
  12. Not all Spaniards eat paella.
  13. You should know at least the basic phrases in the languages of the countries you’ll be visiting.
  14. I’m not a museum guy but I do appreciate arts, culture and history.
  15. Wearing the same clothes the next day without anyone noticing it.
  16. The best part of your journey is when you get lost. Spend a day passing through bridges in Venice by foot. It’s an enchanting way to go around the city and an experience you’ll never forget. No taxis, one wrong turn, you may never leave the place.
  17. The best sunrise can be seen in Ankor Wat Siem Reap.
  18. Sunset in the Oia, Santorini is so majestic.
  19. Maps and offline GPS will be your best companion.
    Maps and offline GPS will be your best companion.

    Maps and offline GPS will be your best companion.

  20. Most rich people aren’t happy.
  21. I am meant to do something great.
  22. I am capable of taking care of myself.
  23. We all have the time of our life.
  24. There are over 300 kinds of bread in Germany.
  25. When visiting Amsterdam, make sure you know the difference between coffee shop and café. Coffee shop is a place where you can buy and smoke marijuana or hashish. If you want to kick start your day with a coffee, find a café.
  26. You discover more about yourself.
  27. Do not take airport taxis.
  28. Traveling alone improves my sense of direction, budgeting skills, time management and learn to navigate a strange city.
  29. I never feel guilty spending much on food. Life is too short not to try something you’ve never had before. Forget about diet when you’re on the road.


  30. I find joy visiting temples.
  31. Life is amazing.
  32. There is more to Amsterdam than weed and prostitution.
  33. Visiting Disneyland brings out the child in you no matter how old you are.
  34. You meet your closest friends you’ve never seen for years.
  35. Eating fried tarantulas, bugs and scorpions aren’t awful, especially after getting drunk by local beer.
  36. One night is too short for everything.
  37. Respect other cultures and religions. Dress appropriately.
  38. There is so much to see and experience that is not written in guide books.
  39. Do what you want, when you want, and for how long you want.
  40. People come and go on the road.
  41. Free accommodation by locals – Free ride – Hitchhike. Free guided trip – Join walking tour.
    couchsurfing meet-up

    couchsurfing meet-up

  42. Facebook is the window to the other side of the world when on the road.
  43. Experience is the best teacher.
  44. Be early. Most tourist spots have terrible long queues and it will eat 2-3 hours of your precious time waiting. Be at the airport on time to avoid missing the flight.
  45. There’s no place like home.
  46. Invest in a good backpack and shoes.
  47. Don’t go near the monkeys. Just don’t. Please.
    avoid monkeys

    avoid monkeys

  48. Be extra careful with pickpocketters and gangs. They do exist even inside the airport.
  49. Thai massage really feels better than having a sex.
  50. I have never felt prouder to be a Filipino, you should be!
  51. Dreams do come true. Tested and Proven.



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