Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20’s

Hola! Celebrate a successful completion of your hard-earned degree. Young adults are the most avid travelers. They’re more curious about the world and very eager to explore new places and experience the best that life has to offer. Most people I know in their 20’s are busy building their future, owning their dream house and having their dream car, while some are happy owning the latest gadgets. Yes, admit it, we envy them. In this greedy generation, people are just more inclined to enjoy material comforts and possession. But let’s all remember that a lot of retirees who achieved the luxury of life forgets to enjoy what they have worked for. They miss that chance of pure happiness while they’re young and able. Everyone’s not getting any younger every day so let us make the most of our time. Very few realize that 20 something is the best time to invest on a great experience and an adventure of a lifetime. See that this is the age of freedom, the prime of any in their 20’s life. One can choose to take serious about their chosen career, settle down, and start a family. Free spirited individual, though, would rather choose to live the dream and journey to the world while in good health, clear state of mind, and have tons of energy. I don’t mind people saying that you’re not yet financially stable. My response would simply be like that of a quote, “if there’s a will there’s a way”. Life is too short not to enjoy the best stage of life, the life in 20’s: exploring, experiencing, and traveling. So, take the risks and travel while your youth proves that you still can.

Here’s some amazingly epic destinations you can visit while in your 20’s:

20. Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

 Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20’sTake a trip to a UNESCO heritage site and one of the new 7 wonder cities of the world, Vigan. You think you know everything of the Spanish colonization in the Philippines? Well, there’s a lot to learn when you step foot in the city where you travel back in time of Hispanic time.

19. Cebu City, Philippines

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

The century old Basilica del Sto. Nino, Cebu City, Philippines

The queen city of the South is the perfect escape from the craziness of your day-to-day lifestyle. Cebu will always be the first choice if you don’t want to go far. My very first plane ride was when I travelled to Cebu, one of the best cities in the Philippines known to its friendly and religious locals.

18. Singapore

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

The Globe Theater, Universal Studios Singapore

Experience the urban life with the great view of the metropolitan. Singapore would be the safest place to travel if you are 20 something. Getting around the city is very easy, if you are backpacking solo, as the public transport system is well-connected. Shopping is divine here but if you are not shopaholic you may take a walking tour from famous street Orchard down to China Town and Little India.

17. Cologne, Germany

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Cologne Cathedral, Cologne Germany

There’s more to the world than Southeast Asia. I admit I am fascinated by the structures and beauty of Europe. Travelers from America and Canada dreamed of backpacking Southeast Asia, but as a Filipino, getting to Europe is a dream. Young traveler would love Cologne because of its colorful life and its open-minded people.

 16. Bohol, Philippines

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

The Chocolate Hills, Carmen Bohol Philippines

Might not be in your list of places to visit in your twenties, but when you get the chance, surely you will have a good vacation. Local’s hospitality and warm welcome are to be proud of in this province. Chocolate Hills and tarsier are just too commercialized here. Finding a local host and living with them for quite some time would be a nice choice to appreciate Bohol. It’s just too laidback here and simple living is just to be expected.

15. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Lord Murugan Statue, Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Escape to Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur then take selfies in the iconic twin tower The Petronas Towers. For active travelers, this city is not to be missed when backpacking Southeast Asia. Hit up your 20’s and include Kuala Lumpur in you great destination.

14. Dubai, UAE

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Tallest building in the world, Burj Kalifa in the heart of Dubai, UAE

This futuristic city is a great escape for young jet-setters to behold modern skyscrapers. Hands down to this glamorous Arab emirate as they have everything to boast from the man-made island to the tallest building in the world. It’s just awesome. Known to be the millionaires playground makes you wanna visit and feel like one.

13. Disneyland, Hongkong

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Visitor’s entrance Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong

Soon you’re going to bring your kids with you sooner or later. But before that, bring out the child in you and take a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Since I was five I’ve always been dreaming to be in the happiest place in the world and it came true.

12. Barcelona,Spain

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Mountain peak at the Park Güell, Barcelona Spain.

Not just a dream destination for young people, but for all ages who are adventure seekers. Barcelona is home to the world’s famous beaches, with perfect weather, incredible music, and parties. Travelling solo to Barcelona is not a problem as this European city is full of life where one could just go on meeting fun new people and becoming friends with them. This mixed modern city is probably on top of the bucket list destination for many young travelers.

11. Rome, Italy

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Coliseum, Rome Italy

There is no doubt that the world admires the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture of the so-called Eternal City. Rome is the center of one of the world’s greatest civilizations ever. Whether you are luxury traveler or a backpacker you must not miss the postcard-worthy views and bring your patience with you for such a huge tourist draw.

10. Venice, Italy

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Venice Canals walkway.

For young travelers seeking for a romantic and unique city, Venice is on top of your list. Whether you are traveling solo or with friends you’ll surely find your place in it. Do not miss hanging around piazza, try local foods and sip a piece of heaven in a cup of cappuccino. Italians are known for their hospitality and being overly friendly.

9. Vatican City

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Basilica di San Pietro (St. Peters Basilica) Vatican City

There are no parties,but a huge crowd on queues, but who needs excitement when you are in the holy land? The Vatican is the most important place to visit as it is the center of Catholicism and home of Pope and Cardinals. Actually, I felt emotional once I entered Basilica di San Pietro realizing that I’m so blessed. I can’t help myself but behold the grandeur of the gigantic cathedral.

8. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Celebrating the biggest street party, Kings’s Day, Amsterdam The Netherlands.

When it comes to freedom, Amsterdam is the place to beat. It is known for high tolerance of

prostitution and drugs, but if you are someone not interested in these things, worry no more! You will still love the city in bloom. Best way to go around the city is by bike. Surprisingly, the city has a lot to offer with its rich culture and lively nightlife. Make sure your camera is ready to take a snap of Canals, River Cruise, “I am Amsterdam” landmark and pay a visit to Ann Frank’s House and Van Gogh Museum. Be open-minded and have a sense of exploration when you happen to visit the city.

7. Bangkok, Thailand

Elephant Ride in Thailand

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20’s

Bangkok is definitely in the place-you-should-go list for young adults. This Southeast Asian country is the perfect travel destination when you’re young. There are unlimited activities to try, more sights to visit, awesome food choices (Thai foods are heaven), affordable living and just-so relaxing place and adventuresome. Once in a while, there’s no question if you try getting drunk and get wasted on Khaosan Road (the party capital) or even try nature tripping and ride the gentle giant elephant.

6. Istanbul,Turkey

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20’sIstanbul is not just the awesome, but a perfect place for young adults who love to relax, shopping, party with locals and sight-seeing. Wonder why Istanbul is always on the top list of best places to travel? Book that cheap flight ticket that always popping out of your screen again and again. What more can I say, discover it yourself and who knows you might end up living there.

5. Boracay, Philippines

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

White Sand Beach Boracay Island, Philippines

For young crowd who are always up for fun and full of energy, Boracay can catch up. Stroll on the world famous white sand beach while taking a sip of fruit shake. Beach front bars and hotels are wide awake at night. What else can I say? Traveling here is way better than a one-night-stand.

4. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Biking in the Temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Burn your calories biking around the city and visit century old temples. Your backpacking trip to Southeast Asia will not be completed if you’re not visiting Cambodia’s pride. Stunning temples and natural attractions will leave travelers spellbound. Siem Reap has so much to offer.

3. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Picturesque rock formation in El Nido,  Palawan.

El Nido, Palawan Philippines

Perfect hub for nature lover youth because of its majestic views, jaw-dropping rock formations, pristine white sand beaches and fresh-from-the-ocean foods, El Nido it is. You will never ask anything more.

2. Santorini, Greece

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Oia, Santorini Greece

The most stunning sunset and picturesque landscape is no doubt in Santorini. I bet you can’t help yourself taking hundreds of photographs with a same view. It is worth to flood selfies on your Instagram or Facebook with a majestic back draft. Definitely a must see place in your 20 something.

1. Paris, France

Top 20 Epic Places to Visit in your 20's

Eiffel Tower, Paris France.

There are no words. Speechless. There’s no place I’d rather be.

So, there! Hope you find yourselves lurking on those places. Save, pack your bag, and travel!

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