Very nearly on a daily basis, I read inspirational travel quotes, interviews of travelers, and their travel journeys through their personal blogs or their social media accounts. I figured that most of the well written travel notes inspire people to leave their current 9-to-5 jobs to travel. I have nothing against those inspirational stuff. I myself is inspired by them even though it’s not really my thing. What I’m only up and against is someone condescending another person’s lifestyle selection because it doesn’t align with their own. I have my fair share of seeing and reading call action slogans emphasizing that you should quit your current job post to travel.To me this is quite insulting, especially to others who were also bit by the travel bug, certainly not cured, and yet find means time for travel as much as they can without compromising their 9-to-5 daily jobs. You see, one’s selected lifestyle may simply not fit another’s and believe me – it’s okay.

So, here are why you should not quit your jobs in order to travel:

You really don’t have to.

Leaving and dropping everything to travel is not wrong but just not desirable. Travel is grand and it entails costs. When you quit and travel, know that you still need to keep with you a fund for it. You still need to work, perhaps just not construed in a 9-5pm straight jobs daily. You still need to finance for your basic travel living. Whatever you saved for a long time, before finally deciding to quit will eventually be spent and will gradually run out. Speaking in the light of reality, at some point during your travel, you still need to find the means to keep up. So, the difference between giving up current job posts and keeping it to travel only lies in the different job setting you’re going to be in to and the time you can freely allot for your travel. Though the latter must give you more time. But as quitting in order to travel is not wrong, traveling slowly isn’t either. People who don’t quit just to travel will still make it to the places where those who quit have traveled in no time.

Travel won’t make you awesome.

Travel won’t make you any cool, although some people might think that you are, which can’t be good. You can’t let other people decide on your kind of awesome. You know yourself more than anybody else and you can’t be lying to yourself to live for the kind of person they think that you are. If you have some kind of personality disorder or must be that you’re bullied during your younger years, travel won’t fix you either. It will more likely be magnified. You’re interesting experience won’t automatically make you an interesting person. So, don’t travel if you think it will make you awesome.

You like to own things that add value to your future.

One of the biggest goals I have in life is to have our own house and basically home my little family: Mom, Kim, and I. Truth today, we finally have our own house, but it’s not fully paid yet. In my five years in the corporate world, I’m still working hard to pay for it. I don’t question the kind of responsibility I have at an early age. I would never want to exchange it for anything luxurious. It’s becoming of what I am today and I am only proud. But is it for everyone? Certainly not. Just think of it this way, a lot of people would rather have a roof on their heads than a passport or simply a food on their tables than a backpack, and that should not be regarded as a bad thing.

You put high regard on relationships and you want to keep it normal.

Filipino culture taught me that family comes first. It’s innate in my total being. Though the means of communication nowadays are readily accessible anywhere in the world, a personal touch is still different than that. Any distant relationships are way harder to keep though I know it’s workable. But if you’re not ready to stale ties, think many times. In the same way, look forward to the times that you’re going to make lots of sacrifices when you don’t settle in one place. Friends will also come and go; whether you’re staying or quitting, saying goodbye at some point is part of the process.

You think big and always look at the bigger picture.

It’s also a call of production and not just consummation. Think of it this way, if everyone quit their jobs and travels, what happens to the airline companies, travel agencies, and hospitality industry? How would they function with everyone already traveling? You’re no hero yourself, but I’m pretty sure you want to look back on a meaningful life and not just a self-centered one.

You simply just like to own things.

It’s a no brainer that if you earn more, you surely can afford more. While I travel the cheapest way possible, it feels good to be able to stay in nicer hostels, taste the best foods available, and bring home something for every trip too.

You can’t just turn your back.

Things are just not designed to be the same again if you ever wish to come back. You’ll realize that you’re simply not the same person anymore, people have moved on and some relationships may have drifted apart. Getting back on the career you once gave up may even be more difficult than you think. So it boils down to facing the consequences if the lights had dimmed and the beautiful sound got turned down.

So, are these valuable reasons not to quit your job and still travel? I think it still depends on the kind of values you keep and follow for yourself. I’d still like to think that I inspire people to take risks, but I’d rather take a more understated approach than I’ve been reading online. Everything about travel is really exciting. If you really want to do it, please go for it. Just take with you some balance in between. We have different goals, hopes, and dreams, let’s not abuse them. You might not want to quit now, persevere instead, and see the beauty there is with your bread and butter. Travel is still possible even if you don’t quit. Be thankful how you can make it more likely in your own way.

One’s chosen lifestyle may simply not fit another’s and believe me – it’s okay.

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  1. worth reading!!

  2. Well stated..:)

  3. very true! there should always be balance in everything we do, including travelling. Very inspiring for people like me who have regular 8-5 Monday-Fridays jobs but still could squeeze in precious time to travel 🙂

    • thats right Jeanette, its a matter of how you manage your time!
      Happy traveling!

      • exactly Reymund! it makes travelling even more exciting.Keep safe! 🙂

    • That simply makes our weekends and vacation leaves more sacred! 😀 Thanks for dropping by, Ma’am! Fist bump! 😀


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