Sunset at 5:44PM in Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City. Image taken as shot.

It was a normal working day for me in the office when my dear friend Omik chatted. He said he booked a ticket to Cebu and was planning to explore Dumaguete on the forthcoming Holy Week. A follow-up chat from him invites me and a good friend, Bintot, to come with him. There was a P488 promo base fare Cebu Pacific Air plane ticket flying to Cebu on the 1st of April.  And we were only ecstatic to book the same flight Omik was in. Instantly, as we confirmed our booking, we were all set to explore Dumaguete and Dauin via Cebu plus Siquijor, as my personal suggested place.

I have been off the road but only to nearby towns within Mindanao and it has been like 2 years since the last time I flew for a travel. Indeed, a very long time. So, I’ am only excited to do this trip especially with my “olden but golden” friends from way back “dugyot” days in college.

Activity & Budget Guide: Dumaguete-Dauin-Siquijor

A little history on the side, the three of us has different circle of friends. We were only introduced and became like a trio when all of us were elected as department officers early on our 2nd year in college alongside with most graduating students. While Bintot was President, Omik was VP for External Affairs and I, the Treasurer. Being Dragons by birth rite, you should know how strong our batch had been with us leading. We simply got the master mind, the connection, and the money to make everything happen during our time. Lol

Busy government employees as they are and I trying to be the guide (I so love!), I made our very own itinerary and budget summary to go along for this four days and three nights trip. I tried to create an itinerary that would take us to visit the most of what we want to explore without compromising our bodies to exhaustion brought about by long hours of travel. We are all in a white collar type of jobs and we exactly want a travel that would draw us close to nature with loads of relaxation and good food. I’ am a cheap traveler myself so I said to them that we go for P5,000 limit for the whole trip, exclusive of only Airfare. Below will show you the activities we did, the hours it took us, and the corresponding costs we incurred.


Basically, we fall within on our specified budget. But you can still go on even lesser than what we spent if you try to limit the costs allocated for food. We kind of went for food so that explains much higher out-pocket expenses from us. Dumaguete-Dauin-Siquijor living is too laid back. You can expect a much lesser costs of things than in big cities plus it’s safe and free from scammers. So, if you want solitude, tranquil, good food, and an inch of adventure, take this route and experience it yourself.




  1. Hi,

    Does the dumaguete-siquijor 6:00pm ferry schedule available daily?

    We are planning to copy your itinerary but others says that the last trip of Dumaguete – Siquijor ferry is 5pm

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hello Nice,

      Yes it has trips everyday!
      here is the latest update. Weesam express Leaving from Dumaguete wharf at 05:00 PM, and arriving at Larena wharf at 06:00 PM
      Happy travels


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