A Day in Asik Asik Falls

I have long been yearning to visit and witness Asik Asik Falls’ majestic beauty. I was in an awe of this place even in pictures I get to see. I remembered asking a co-employee who lives in North Cotabato about how can I get to this falls and how much it will cost me, budding to do it solo before. Luckily, I found few new friends  who were up for DIY adventures as I’ am. So, on my lead, the 24-hour trip to this enchanting falls began.

From Davao City, being our jump-off point, we went to SM City Ecoland to take the van going to Midsayap, North Cotabato at 4am, eyeing to travel at the earliest time possible. But, we only got to travel at around 6am. Let it be known that the van only goes when it’s full. Make sure to put an allowance on your scheduled time. Non-stop travel via van from Davao City to Midsayap, North Cotabato took us 3-4 hours. Upon arriving in Midsayap’s van terminal which is within the town proper, we took a tricycle ride to Midsayap’s Public Market where big double tired jeeps going to Upper Dado Alamada parks. Yes! we opted to take the jeepney ride as it is way safer and of course cheaper than taking a Habal-habal.

Although, from the town proper, you can already haggle a Habal-habal for a one way trip for two persons at P900-1300. Just take note that the road going to Upper Dado Alamada is not cemented. It could get bumpy and muddy from heavy rains.

A Day in Asik Asik Falls

Expect skin to skin and loads of things encounter while riding big jeepneys to Upper Dado.

Our jeepney ride to Upper Dado Alamada took us 2 hours. Upon reaching Upper Dado, another ride going to Asik-asik Falls drop-off point is to be taken. The only means to get there is riding a Habal-habal. It will cost P75. Take note that it’s fixed as mandated and regulated by Alamada local government. No need to give tips too as most local drivers do not accept them. Amazing as they say it’s their simple way of welcoming non-locales. The ride should only take thirty minutes at the max. Then, upon reaching the the drop-off point, a registration form is to be filled up and a minimal fee of P30 as environmental fee is required.

A Day in Asik Asik Falls

A registration and environmental fee is a must!

A Day in Asik Asik Falls

The hike down starts. Expect at least 370 steps to take to get to the falls.

And then, you’re all set to hike down your way to the captivating Asik-asik Falls. It should take at least forty-five minutes to an hour to get to the falls by hiking.

From the hours long travel, we finally reached the falls by 1pm. It was really tiring but really when we reached the falls, it was so worth it, I cried smiling.  The feeling was so surreal that I only ended up thanking God for blessing me to see such a kind of beauty. Asik-asik Falls was indeed one of the falls I intend to chase that I know in my heart I would not mind coming back to, regardless of the rocky and bumpy ride. I would gladly share my experience just like this and I would want more than ever to accompany a fellow to experience the same as I did. It was very amazing to witness a spring falls having no stream above the hill where the flowing water would come. Because the water would come springing from the rocks. Mmmm.. total bizarre!

A Day in Asik Asik Falls

A Day in Asik Asik FallsA Day in Asik Asik Falls

We stayed for at least 3 hours. We soaked and enjoyed every moment we were there. It was like we owned the place because we had it all for ourselves. We were the first travelers to experience it again after visitations were closed down due to an epedimic causing stomach aches to nearby residents, believed to be due to the water they consumed from the falls. But it was all a hoax. Not that we drink water though but because the local tourism office along with the local health office concluded that the waters are not contaminated as they run the test.

A Day in Asik Asik Falls

We headed back to the drop off point and reach it at 5pm. Clearly, we missed the last jeepney trip. Last jeepney trip back to Midsayap proper is due every 3pm. I don’t suggested riding the Habal-habal all the way to Midsayap as it’s already getting dark as well.

Locales were too accommodating to offer us to stay for overnight in their houses, in the Brgy office, or in the Brgy Captain’s house. It was an offer one shouldn’t miss especially the amount of kilometers being away from the main city. But we still declined their offers and  stayed in a cold spring resort nearby instead. The resort owners were too kind and they gladly took us without hesitations. They even offered us some additional meal for dinner. We were allowed to use their kitchen utensils and do some cooking too. Our stay with them was very promising, the place is nice and neat. We were all provided with clean sheets too. We sure did have a good night sleep for on P500 split to the five of us. We still did managed to swim for a bit in the spring by night but took off immediately because of the coldness we no longer can bear. We decided to rest already and in the early morning of the following day, we checked out and rode our way to Midsayap in the first big jeepney scheduled to go down to town that morning. We were finally home in Davao City by 1pm by taking the same route we took in coming. Home sweet home and the 24 hour encounter with Asik asik Falls only became a dreamlike event I would relive over and over in my head. Awesome!

A Day in Asik Asik Falls

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  1. sa mga mag Asik-asik falls at gusto mag base sa Midsayap. There is a new inn with A+ facilities. Gkids pension house near Midsayap Gym. sobrang accesible sa mga establishments at malapit lang sa main highway.

    Rates: non aircon twin bed with own CR for 300php/night. aircon room twin bed with own CR for 500php/night.


    Text nyo nalang po si Nanay Mildred if you need to book a room. +639186384501 / +639167880071

    let them know that you got their details from me – Cheri. 🙂


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